Never Get used to broken things

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Question. What is the most broken and busted up thing that you keep using? Think about it. Do you have something that you have to hold in a weird way at a certain angle in order for it to work? Do you have a favorite pair of pajamas that are holier than the Pope? Come on. Be honest! We have all been in a situation where we are holding on to something, trying to keep using it when deep down you know that really it needs to go in the basura!

A couple of years ago, while I was struggling to do something, my husband locked eyes with me and spit out this one liner. He said, “Never get used to broken things.” I knew it was a God-given Word for me that was diving deeper that just the topic at hand and I just had to write it down.

I wish I could tell you exactly what it was that brought about this statement from him but I do not remember. My guess is that I was trying to find a way to continuing using something that was broken and dysfunctional.

All I remember is that even though we were talking about something material, the Holy Spirit used my husband’s words to speak into a spiritual place inside of me.

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I don’t know why exactly my brain was wired to accept broken things as part of the “new normal”. It only makes sense that once something breaks beyond use, you get rid of it. But, for some reason, when something I had would break or get worn out, I never had the thought to throw it out. I would just keep using it as best as I could. I have been known to do some weird stuff to keep using broken things. (Hello there, using pliers to turn a washer knob!)

I am so thankfully that my husband has never thought that way. God really used him to help me change my pattern of thinking when it came to accepting brokenness in any form in my life.

“There is a prevalent mentality that says that broken things are normal.”

There is a prevalent mentality, one that I had at one time adopted, that says that broken things are normal. It’s a mentality that says that brokenness is a part of life. This mentality says that when things break, we have to just get used to it as the way things are now.

I want to tell you today, that it is a lie. It is a lie to believe that brokenness is normal. Because it’s not.

As an example, I remember watching an episode of “Scared Straight”. It wasn’t really my first choice or even top twenty choice of shows, but it was all I could find to watch at the moment. In this show juvenile delinquents would visit prison to see what life was like behind bars. The premise was that by shocking these young kids with the realities of prison, that it would hopefully motivate them to change their habits and decisions.

I remember this one particular episode a troubled teen girl said that she was expecting to go to jail because “everyone goes to jail”. It was then that a producer off camera said, “No, they don’t…Not everyone goes to jail” The girl just looked at the woman that I couldn’t see in the frame and responded, “You mean you haven’t been to jail?” The lady again said no. The teen girl then asked the camera man who was recording her, “You?” You could hear him say, “No, never.” The girl looked like she was trying to not be surprised. They ended that shot with her saying, “Well my mom’s been to jail, my brothers and sisters been to jail. Everyone I know has been to jail and so that’s how I know I’ll go to jail.” That was a perfect example of brokenness accepted as normality.

So let me ask you, what broken things have you accepted into your life as the new normal? You may have experienced brokenness in one area or maybe more than one area of your life. Perhaps your marriage is broken. Perhaps your finances are broken. Perhaps your faith in God is broken.

I want to bring awareness and revelation to the fact that because of the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for us, we do not have to live in, dwell in, or inhabit broken places.

Although God does allow periods of brokenness, He does so only to bring about healing and to bring newness. He allows times of crushing and pressing, but only to bring us into times of rebuilding and flourishing.

The problem is when we get used to the brokenness in our life. We get used to the dysfunctional things. Having broken places in our life is a spiritual problem. As we accept those broken places, we begin operating (thinking and acting) from a place of defeat.

The more broken things become, the more accepting we are of them. The longer things remain broken, the more familiar they feel. We can even come to a place where we won’t accept new things unless they are broken. You can be so used to being mistreated by a person, that even after they leave, you will deny a good relationship because you are too accustomed to being mistreated. The good things that come to you feel so unfamiliar that you settle one again for the brokenness you once endured.

I want to encourage you to evaluate whether or not you are trying to function normally from a place of brokenness. Once you have done that, you can make the necessary steps to wholeness in Christ through cutting our toxic relationships and habits and surrounding yourself with people who want to see your growth and healing. Finding a counselor or pastor with whom you can confide is also a great place to start.

I want to leave you with this one final word. It is a promise to each of us who are experiencing brokenness.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalms‬ ‭147:3‬ ‭

How can I pray for you? Send me a message or leave a comment below. I would love to connect with you.

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